In Static

by Edge of Reality

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What a piece of blind creation you are I’ve been sent to exterminate this thing Enter the space marine Violence ensues Children of The Worm Decimate the fleet Spawn killed my whole team Focus Death by the thousands all around me will not avert this Look for a pattern in their attack; there’s a weakness Something about them maybe our leaders didn’t see Coming into our view The shape twisting, pulsing, its mouth agape The weapons hit but there is no effect Repeat: no effect Run! Collect star shards Need more shards Fuck am I supposed to do? They only gave me two I used all two I have no health Everyone regroup Everyone regroup Plotting a vector, we are leaving Everyone fall back There’s a pupa attached to my engine Mayday! Mayday! I feel the stability fail I’m going down, going down I’m down! I’m amazed that I am still alive What remains of this vessel will never fly I set across the unknown world that I have found I’m gathering pieces to salvage the hyper fuel In the sky, I can see the beast is still alive Why won’t it just die? Wait A possibility If I’m close enough I can detonate the reactor So from the ashes and waste I return to put an end to our foe Once and for all I am the only one remaining close enough I know it will be my end even though Looks like the Great Worm has spotted me Looks like I forfeit the element of surprise With the reactor fuse close to me My body’s shaking as I brace for the final flight Radiant cascade shine devour me The beast is gone I finished the campaign on normal difficulty
Inspector: Lost control of mind An obsessive compulsive cry for order Receptionist: Hello, How may I help you? Do you have an appointment? Okay, what is your last name? May I see your insurance card? Okay, you can have a seat in the next room. He'll call you in when he's ready Have a nice day Inspector: I'm going insane! My thoughts are not mine and they have control Caught in the center of what I’ve wrought My nerves are thin and I’m losing hold All I want is to be free Therapist: Tell me everything about you Tell me all the things you've been through In time I know I can help you Inspector: No one has ever so quickly gained my trust No, never have I felt such peace; not in all my life Can I break free of the sickness wreaking havoc inside me? In his eyes I see that everything will work out in due time Inspector: Time to move along And escape this destructive frame of mind Cosmic forces rage, somewhere they struggle But this could be my obsessive compulsive remedy Therapist: Stow away your pain and demons in your labor One by one the angles start to collapse into the void of your mind Go to the west
Puzzle Man 05:44
Will it all ever fit? Everything is so practical Maybe I should commit And mold my body more just to conform Liberty won’t give way Arrogance causes luck to bend Alcoholism kills But I need to have a little to fit in Find the piece that sets me free So, at the rate At which we create We’re turning a loss And don’t know the cause The pieces we make Eventually break Without overuse And never abused I want to live in a space where I don’t have to fit in with you Architects can’t seem to find the source The internal comprehension of what we’ve envisioned is clouded and opaque Inner structure starts to crack and break We are living in confusion and making excuses for what we all believe We are not in control Meaning will not uphold No! So, at the rate At which we create We’re turning a loss And I know the cause The pieces we make Eventually break Without overuse And never abused I want to live in a space where I can exist Alone, unknown, perform without the fracture lines. I found a hole on the corner of pretense and greed And there underneath the rim lays the weapon I seek Uncover dimensionality I rise up above the puzzle I tunnel beneath Malleable existence I evade your rigid scheme I am ‘Z’ The constructs change Meaning diffused I’m ready to choose I’m free to be reckless I’m free to be adaptable I’m free to be alone Don’t go looking anywhere Don’t go looking anywhere for me I’m not here Now I can fit anywhere I don’t have to give up anything I have found another realm I can build in I’ve become the missing piece I am Puzzle Man
Bed Of Lies 07:13
K, I’m back I steal this fatchel smatch machine Last fifteen minutes ago To make for the...the...thing I calling the thing Something sounding like the sound of hoo...hooman It will sperience laif to for me While I am thinking evil plot We are creating the final pieces of the human beans Soon someone will make me for me No! So the fatchel snatch goes in the winkle monk For to create an contraption fitting nicely inside the fenk denk clever! My friends, Tomorrow is the first big test And it seems that we are Running short of the key ingredient (typical, stupid Casper) Don't play dumb We cannot complete the trial without it (typical, unprepared Casper) Did you not read subsection 3 in chapter 15? We need the bleeabort! Attain the bleeabort! Finding signs of life The bubbling of thought The tensing of fibers That which Casper retrieved is now infusing into the brain Double check the couplings Triple check quadruplings Go ahead and quad check the filling Quinta check the fatchel smatch Hexa check winkle monk alignment Septa check the intern on the lunch order Time to hit the switch! Shudder, convulse, writhe in electric waves Keep close eyes on the color of the skin Retain, retain, retain the bleeabort Holy Heinrich Westphal it’s alive! Tension rising in my seams as I approach the storefront with my family Dying to become among the many who experience hoomanity First you put on your new sheets Put the hooman between Use the pillow to see A brand new realm Let them live your life Cotton, feather, twine Rest your weary minds Humanity Became what we should be How did we fail to see The road to chains We are their slaves Trapped in these sheets We see the future through dull cattle eyes We are their servants trapped in a bed of lies
Lovestruck 06:36
The light from your eyes Shining it's way into mine Time stops around you Feel the pressure To give you attention There's no disguise Nothing salacious to hide There's something about you There's an answer A brand new invention But what a surprise These feelings I don't recognize I'll travel to you Run forever Just give me direction Please dress your best Rock your rhythm And make me confess Break through my shields We don't fall gently We burn together Look past the flames to the monster within Born from the depths of my dreams Come forth and spread your disease, Love! So short of breath, we speak in whispers I've always wanted what we've discovered Stare down the titan as he approaches Our time is in hours, but we will transcend them And the best we can do is hold each other Caught in this maelstrom of metal and fire I've breached the id for all to see Those flames by which we create Now we return
Notebook 04:26
The last piece is mine Notebook evolved I’m sure this time This puzzle’s solved What are you? Share your secrets; teach your truths to this your humble follower What do I do? Where do I go now? Show me the way What are my tasks today? Please break my fall And welcome me to better days Notebook resolved For I have done your will
Azira 07:27
The morning comes at last And the waking daze ensues I rise from a dream Unsure of what it means Recalling that the world at hand is not the wasteland Underneath these sunken eyes Returning to the day I’ve planned Step into the land of Azira There’s a highway leading to the capital It’s towers shine in amber rows The pinnacle of invention, where energy flows into every home. Community thriving in every borough underneath the crystal dome Every moment living so free, so unsuspecting of our home. High in the sky the reflection of our world bends around the barrier Wonder on the shape and perimeter and what lies beyond that limit Is our fate to remain within? Who created all we know? There’s no trace of their names or from where they came I will aid you I will make you see Here on this busy road I sense a gaze that I have felt before And though we’re not alone I can only feel your hold Can’t turn away There are no features; there is only grey I see an open door I long for you to show me more
New Fuel 10:29
Hold out your hand Take your fill of all that you could ever have So much here to gain Everything revolves around your happiness Society accommodates Hold out your hand and take your fill All of this time remaining unaware A consumer knowing no consequence No regard for this world or yourself Endless hunger Squandering everything within sight Nothing here to provide fulfillment Senseless suffering Thrashing through chaotic streets of Self-inflicted emptiness Circulate a new fuel before we fade Restoration of mankind reverse our fate Light your rage and feel real pain Creeping from the earth we’ve killed We’ve erased home Obfuscate the planet trade by Trade your hope to circulate The entirety of the business’ existence Is tethered to currency Torn from homes of low income participants This sedentary lifestyle I chose woke a ghost Mother Earth? Mother Earth? Commonwealth? Anyone? Right... God damn I’m so sick of it Test the patience I cannot bear I can live on pennies but I want to be a millionaire God, I would kill for a taste of it I would spend your money so well Why would I try when the capital grows itself? No one can get in my way Pour the money over me Circulate a new fuel before we fade Restoration of mankind reverse our fate Light your rage and feel real pain Creeping from the earth we’ve killed We’ve erased home Obfuscate the planet trade by Trade your hope to circulate Must escape Find a way Turn the page Another world we can claim So slowly If only we could live our lives More thoughtfully Hopefully We can make amends We can soon be whole I can't leave These burning feelings Tethered to this weary world I don’t see us Comprehending the situation’s gravity The event horizon closes
Remorse Code 01:45
Before the times we’re living The world was chaos blinding We needed to agree On a pathway to unity Then our goddess heard our plea And sent the woman who would lead She brought about harmony Oh, let it grow Join the chorus Fill the sky With the sound Of your love and devotion For our leader Fearless and steadfast in her deeds Before our planet’s forming The matriarch had a vision Instead we turned to darkness Beg for forgiveness and return to the light Why should I believe a thing you’re saying? These lessons aren’t about truth, they’re about control No more mind games, I won’t have it Calm down child There’s no need for that tone of voice Sit in the hall Child of darkness Search the light See these wonders From the stars Feel your loving Matriarch Bringing balance to your life Oh, let it grow Join the chorus Fill the sky With the sound Of your love and devotion For our goddess Living her vision for our lives Marion, our prophetess We will rally by your side Tell us the Matriarch’s will Oh, let it grow Join the chorus All around us We’re the fruit of her love and her vision Out of the darkness into Light, let it glow Fill the night sky Singing bright Singing Oh! Let it grow Join the chorus of voices All people smiling Grateful and Joyous No more split expression We’re united as one
It’s hard enough as it is To get my feelings across when I’m unrestricted Now with these new laws I could be incarcerated I am silenced Can’t express myself with B - D - F# - A# - C# We have silenced the dissenters Those who endorse ugly chords Are out of the way The dissonance has been outlawed Perfect harmony/antiphony composed to realign the citizen banter A zero tolerance policy Is now in place across the land This sound should never hit your ears again This is just a public demonstration Now I’m on the run I’ve made the choice to stand alone A fugitive in my own home land Just for speaking my mind But I know somewhere out there More voices long to cry out We can mount a resistance Time to demonstrate in protest of our censorship People beware There’s a terrorist movement coming Cover your ears Follow my lead, we’ll persevere I’m the one in charge I am making the world a better place You can’t deny So now I’ll stop the terrorists in their tracks End their sick aural attack And rid the world of B minor Major 9 Rebels move along Call the protest off Sing our perfect song There’s no need lives be lost Before you start a riot Have you considered the cost? You are waging a war you cannot afford You're liberty slipping away from you Listen to our screaming voices Hear the truth as we are drug away They have refused to reform We have been violated Wake up! They control us all They force us to obey And once they’re through with us They’re coming for you too The moment’s finally here We’ve poured our hearts out hoping, longing To transform this world we live in Is anyone even listening? I cannot stay silent I won’t give in Must express myself With strong clarity Even when the world Remains in static


Guitars recorded at EoRHQ2 in Nashville, TN, USA
Drums and vocals engineered and recorded by Jesse Brock at Downey Dude Fortress in Nashville, TN, USA
Bass engineering/assistant drum engineering by Nick Mills
Mixed by Adam Warne at Old Street Studios in London, UK
Mastered by Steve Kitch at Audiomaster in Devon, UK


released May 31, 2019

Megan Rasmussen: Vocals on track 10
Laura Epling: Violin
David Williford: Saxophone on track 5
Spencer Hurst: Electric piano on track 5
Justin Berger-Davis: Upright bass on track 5
Eloise Tyner: Spoken word on track 2
Artwork by Elena Brighittini

Special thanks to:

Ernie Ball Music Man, Fractal Audio Systems, Darkglass Electronics, Danny Elfman, Stephanie Kopel, Nick Lobel, The Brocks, The Frevolas, The Pecks, The Centers, The Millses, Greg Brown, David Mills, Bryan and Christa Thompson, Andrew Blanchard, Jonah Hickson, Bo Brock, Byron Williams, and Steve Lobmeier. We are grateful for the unending support from all of our families, friends, and you.


all rights reserved



Edge of Reality Nashville, Tennessee

Edge of Reality is an eclectic art metal band based in Nashville, TN that embodies a wide variety of influences and expresses both light-hearted narrative and thought-provoking concepts. They aim to inspire, to entertain, and to confuse through said influences, narrative, and concepts. ... more

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