Elephant In My Pajamas

by Edge of Reality

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Sven B. Schreiber (sbs)
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Sven B. Schreiber (sbs) So this is what Joey Frevola did before releasing his awesome solo album "Gone"... and without doubt, the term "awesome" is applicable here, too. This album - the official debut album by "Edge of Reality" - is full of sparkling ideas, always on the run from attempts of classification. It's mostly instrumental, except for "Fragon", and if it accidentally comes anywhere close to a well-defined genre, it's probably "fusion". Nevermind, one thing is sure: The album's fun factor is at least as high as its suprise capability. Favorite track: Tickle Fight.
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Joey: How about spoons? Jon: Spoons? Joey: Spoons. Jon: What do you want to talk about with spoons? Joey: Well spoons, you see, they're shaped in such a way that you can scoop things, and I find that to be... Jon:Well yeah, but, I mean, come on, when you get liquids they're just suddenly useless. Why would you even bother with a spoon? Joey: I think you have spoon mixed up with a fork. Jon: A fork? Joey: Yeah. Jon: What are you talking about? Joey: See, forks are the ones with the little ridges in them. Where they have like ridges. Jon: The little holes? Joey: Yeah. Jon: So you're telling me basically that this entire time I've had forks and spoons mixed up? Joey: I suppose that's possible, yes. Jon: Well I don't see how that's possible because, frankly, when you combine a fork and a spoon, you get a spork. What happens when you combine a spoon and a fork? Joey: Well... That's actually a really good question. Jon: You're gonna tell me "a knife" aren't you? I know what you're thinking. "It's a knife." But no, It can't be a knife. Think about it. Because a knife can't scoop up anything. Joey: That's true, you've got me stumped on this one, Jon. Jon: Butter and cream cheese. I mean, that's the best you'll get. Joey: Yeah, I mean, you could theoretically use butter and cream cheese with either a spoon, fork, or knife if you're creative with it. Honestly, You just flip around the spoon and fork and use the handle and you've basically got a knife that's not sharp. Jon: Why would you do that with a spoon? I mean, sorry, not with a spoon. I'm still getting that - uhhhhh - Fork! Yes! Why would you do that with a fork? I mean, that doesn't make any sense. It has little holes in it, right? Joey: Yes it does.
Poweraid 07:24
Ilerminaty 04:08
Wayne's World
Tickle Fight 09:00
Brad: Knox! Put your pants back on! Knox: Sorry, Brad. Brad: Okay.
Fragon 10:23
Dova... Dovahkiin / naal ok zin los vahriin / Dova... :// x 3 Dragon born Hail / He shall prevail / Against Alduin / Dragon born is king Dragon born is sailing all across the sea / flying high above the wind to find Alduin / Sovngarde awaits far from home / He is the only one / Away from dragon's reach through unexpected lands / A portal into the afterlife / A foggy mist surrounds the DovahkIin / This is the end / Fus ro dah!!!!!!!! Part 1: He has returned / The dragon born / Back from the land of the dead / Alduin parishes by his might / We're safe, we're free at last / He has returned / The dragon born / Back from the land of the dead / Alduin parishes by his might / We're finally safe, we're finally free Part 2: He has returned to us / Back from his victory / All hail / Praise the Dovahkiin / We're saved / Finally free and we praise the dovahkiin / Skyrim's people have finally won / Tamriel beckons our dragon's glory / We praise Talos for the one / Who saved us all / The Dovahkiin Part 3: He is here / He's back from the fight / He's slain the dragon by his might / We're safe, we're free from that tyranny / All hail dragon born, the Dovahkiin :// Part 4: I have returned from Sovngarde / From the land of the dead and the glorified / With companions and champions of Skyrim / I have slain Alduin once and for all / All that was lost shall not be in vain / Tamriel becons of dragon's glory / With the mind of Talos, we've been set free / For all of eternity / Sovngarde waits A lost traveller / In a curious land / A fireball rains down / His blood boils as he feels free / From the shackles of his past / Broken away from all that was / The earth rejects his name / As the sky calls him away / It is time to say goodbye / And pray to the divine / That the Dovahkiin will defeat / The Destroyer of Worlds / So he may leave us in peace / Let us live and flourish again / Hail Dovahkiin Dragon born Hail / He shall prevail / Against Alduin / Dragon born is king / Dragon born Hail / I have prevailed / I am Dovahkiin
A-Bawss-E 08:25
In a Moment 05:59


An eclectic instrumental ruckus full of surprises


released February 14, 2014

Joey Frevola - Guitars, Keys, Bass
Jon Frevola - Bass, Keys
Jay Delarosa - Drums
Cole Thannisch - Guest vocals
Scotty Bemis - Guest Keys


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Edge of Reality Nashville, Tennessee

Edge of Reality is an eclectic art metal band based in Nashville, TN that embodies a wide variety of influences and expresses both light-hearted narrative and thought-provoking concepts. They aim to inspire, to entertain, and to confuse through said influences, narrative, and concepts. ... more

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