Vicious Circle

by Edge of Reality

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Sanity Theorist
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Sanity Theorist This is somewhere between Native Construct, The Mountain era Haken and Mr. Bungle, and a great gem for people that enjoy both progressive rock/metal and off-the-wall experimentation. Bought after the first 7 tracks alone, Absolute diamond in the rough! Favorite track: Grababyte.
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released August 30, 2016

Joey Frevola - Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Backing Vocals
Jesse Peck - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Branndon Center - Drums, Percussion

Ruben Vasquez Amos - Lead Vocals on all tracks except track 5
Daniel Garces - Scream Vocals on track 4
Joel Schutte - Scream Vocals and Swedish Chef on track 4
Emmanuel Echem - Trumpet on tracks 5 and 9
Johnathan Carberry - Piano on track 1 and synth solo on track 3
Megan Rasmussen - Lead Vocals and Alto Vocals on track 9
Carolina Rodriguez - Soprano Vocals on track 9
Cole Thannisch - Tenor Vocals on track 9
Ollie Johnson - French Horn on track 4
Chloe and Jaden Griggs - Grandchildren on track 7

Produced by Edge of Reality
Engineered and Mixed by Joey Frevola
Mastered by Ermin Hamidovic
All Tracks conceived and written by Edge of Reality
All Artwork by Elena Brighittini


all rights reserved



Edge of Reality Nashville, Tennessee

Edge of Reality is an eclectic art metal band based in Nashville, TN that embodies a wide variety of influences and expresses both light-hearted narrative and thought-provoking concepts. They aim to inspire, to entertain, and to confuse through said influences, narrative, and concepts. ... more

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Track Name: Wasteland
Desolate plains stretch before my eyes. Empty Red skies.
I feel like I'm the only human to survive.
Where did they go? Why can't I recall?
Have I been here before?

I dream of a wasteland. A wasteland I've never known. Where it is, I can't be sure. Perhaps outside the dome?

Formless earth devoid of life. Past forgotten, future lost.
Who can end an endless night? On my own, I have no hope.

My words die and return to me unheard, faint, and unsure.
Could this wasteland be a prison in my mind?
Wake me up. This nightmare cannot be real life.

Formless earth devoid of life. Past forgotten, future lost.
Can I end an endless night? I sense things will be alright.

'Cause it's only a dream! Now I can alter the scene!
I feel so happy and free now that I am in control.
I'm flying away! I'm finding new ways to play!
I'm getting rid of the gray, I am in control.

Why couldn't life always be like this?
A constant state of bliss. Lucid unconsciousness.
No consequence or risk. If I could have my way,
I would just dream all day. Sleep my life away.
Live inside my head. Still, I
Can't quite shake the feeling that I'm under someone's spell.

Something deep inside me is calling out, taking me back to the wasteland.
Something deep inside me is taking over, making me question everything.
Something deep inside me is plunging further, changing my convictions and beliefs.
Something deep inside me says to search the wastelands.
Digging past the surface to learn the truth.

I'm starting to see visions of time and space. Something in the cosmos is out of place.
I'm starting to see visions of gaping hollows. Somewhere a phenomenon has been replaced.
I'm starting to grow weary from all this knowledge. Someone rearranging my mental shape.
I'm starting to come undone under all this power. Somehow I recall I've hosted this ghost before.

Oh, ancient powers rest.
I will heed your words no more. Leave my dreams.
I've known you before. Somewhere you've tormented me.
I see you there. Though I can't remember your face,
I know that we will meet again someday in the wastelands.

As I drifted away from my home, my steps were guided by my dreams. I felt as if I had a sense of where I was going. It was as if I was sleepwalking. I wonder if I have done this before. I feel that I must have done this before. I can walk no further. Have I reached my destination? I have reached the wasteland. The wasteland from my dreams. Am I awake this time? I can’t tell. Why can I never tell?
Track Name: Teeth of the Universe
Blackened void suck me in. In the end I won’t be destroyed. Chew me up. Spit me out. All in vain. I won’t be destroyed.

Fusing with space-time. Feeling the teeth crunching down. Chewing me up to the point of no return. I’m in a state of perfect nothing with all the power of a god. It’s consuming all I’ve ever known, and I’m left in control.

In an eternal state. My body out of the way. The universe is now my own playground. And now nothing else matters when it’s my own face I see in the cosmos. In the stars.

Fusing with space-time. Feeling the teeth crunching down. Chewing me up to the point of no return. I’m in a state of perfect nothing with all the power of a god. It’s consuming all I’ve ever known, and I’m left in control.
Track Name: Grababyte
Cybernet: Activate
Our interface to cyberspace
To live in a virtual state

Scheming day and night dreaming of a digital realm where we would be
Streaming from the real world into a quantum elysium
Here we could cure our dead and heal our hurt of illness and disease
Mankind could transcend to unending life
Enter now
My new world
Perfect skies

Welcome we are cyberbots
We hope you make yourself at home
We protect you from viruses
Remain calm, one approaches us now

Grababyte is here
The one thing that I fear
Malware program brought to life
Digital decay
Breaking down my perfect world
Binary monster consuming
The future of mankind

Cyberbot system offline
Security breach to portal site
Unknown data converting to physical form
It's making its way out
To the real world where it will
Consume everything

Grababyte is alive
My plans have gone awry
Humankind must survive
My handiwork must die

Grababyte is here
The one thing that I fear
Malware program brought to life
Digital decay
Breaking down our human world
Binary monster consuming life
A sacrifice must be made

Cybernet: disengaged
Planet saved
Grababyte was destroyed tonight I
Sacrificed my life's work saving all of
Mankind with its flaws and failures
Track Name: Cupcake
I thought we were friends
How could you betray me!
Time will never mend
How can you repay me!
What you've done
Left me coping
From these tender scars

My hands are trembling I can't take this
Take it back you bastard
My eyes are burning with hatred

Take it back! Take it back!

I will never forgive you
For this grievance
Unforgivable treason
I reject your bitter bearing
Get your lies out of my face

I will loathe this day forever
You are a plague I wish to eliminate
Take it back
Take it back


Go crawl in a hole and die old
Friend turned into fiend by acts of ill will
Take everything back you gave me
I will not partake in this sick communion

Justice! I demand justice!
Compensation for your slights!
You think, you think you're innocent!
But you don't know the damage you've done!

My hands are trembling I can't take this
Take it back, you fiend take it back
Don't you have anything to say?

Stop. Dude, chill out for a second
I think you're being a little crazy.
Can't you just calm down, please?
Por favor?
I would never do those things you claim I did.
You are my best friend, and I was only trying to give you a cupcake
Nothing more, nothing less. A simple favor. For you to savor
Why does this offend you?
You should never blow things out of proportion ever
Social distortion leads to isolation
Track Name: Khanfusion
Track Name: Forks & Spoons II
Listen well to the tale that I tell of joy and of woe and from very long ago of the boy of rounded face and of pointed head who did save the world. Two lovers hailed from warring clans: he of rounded face and she of pointed head. They bore a son who was loved by none they were all alone.

And he was taught from birth that all living things have worth. That shape and span isn't the measure of a man and to love everyone on earth.

The bloodshed grew out of hand. It devastated the people and the land. It was clear that it would never end. With every murder hatred grew between the pointeds and the rounds. As time passed our hero was forgot. An anomaly of memory and of shape. He'd had as much as he could take. Thus he stood up and thus he spake…

Stop this fighting now. This pointless war must end. Bloodshed has to stop. Can't we all be friends. Come on take a stand. End this bloody fight. Put your weapons down. Leave your hate behind. Different isn't bad. Differences are good. We can coexist. We can live as one.

Spoons: This kid is right now I see clearly the bigotry with which we lived our lives over the shape of our heads. Now I see the point we've missed. We can coexist as one community nevermore to fight again.

Forks: Yes let's fix this now my new brethren. You have a round face and I have a pointed head. Why should that bother me? It's so silly. Our bodies are the same and we're focused on our heads. Hello new found friends, this is so exciting. A new found community of brotherhood and rest.

Parents: A new world to live life peacefully. A new world to live life freely.

All: Thank you young sir for opening our eyes.

And it was proclaimed on the earth that all living things have worth. That shape and span isn't the measure of a man and to think not of spoons nor forks. And now we are all taught from birth that all living things have worth. With love and respect though we're different we'll connect and we'll live in harmony on earth.
Track Name: Moldy Banana Bread
Gather 'round my little children
Storytime tonight will be frightening
Insanity, violence, and public hanging
But don't be scared
All these things
Will never come to be
If you avoid moldy banana bread

Once upon a time
There was a man named Harold
He was a normal guy
Small town. Family
He owned a farm
One night in his barn
He found banana bread
But it was moldy
He was so hungry
He ate it anyway
Sealing his dismal fate

Grandpa, I don't get it..I mean what's so bad about moldy banana bread?
Yeah this story's not scary it's just weird

Well child what you don't know is that this bread is cursed
So don't interrupt me while I'm still providing exposition
The local witch doctor wanted Harold to go insane
So she cursed the bread to grow a mold that she knew would rot his brain

The poison coursed through Harold's veins
Clouding his sense of judgment. Taking over
The evil witch doctor's voice filled his head
Saying: destroy your town and burn your farm down.
Flames flew high as he entered a mindless trance
Consuming all he ever worked for
His eyes then turned to the small town so sound asleep
He couldn't hold back the impulse to creep

He woke from his trance with a dazed sense of travesty
Memories of the night haunting him
Can he face the consequence for what he's done?

Harold stands in the courtroom waiting to present his case to the jury,
But he is unaware he ate the evidence that could have cleared his name,
And Harold cannot be sure what caused his mind to slip away so he's afraid
To speak on his own behalf. His nerves are painting a blatant picture of his guiltiness

Jury, have we reached a final verdict?
Yes, we have. We sentence Harold guilty…
Track Name: A Miner Problem
A man's occupation is a personal thing. His mission, his means, His passion, his art. For some it's a way to stay sane and secure. More than a hat to take on and off. For him, brings order to the chaos of his own life. He hadn't needed my help for a while, but that was then…

To the west, to sanity. Two whole years of sober mind for me. My former trauma resolved in therapy. Obsessive compulsive remedy.

No such thing as a perfect mine. Flawless from each and every side. So should I lean to what my instincts are telling me? Yes there must be something more. What exactly are they digging for? This most definitely goes far beyond mere ore. It doesn't seem quite right. There must be something they’re trying to hide. There’s no way that it could be this immaculate. There must be more than meets the eye. Something wrong but I can’t quite figure out what exactly’s bothering me.

"This town does not need you.” Said the man in the bar I passed on through. I explained there’s more for me to view. I had to see it for myself.

How can this be a perfect mine? Flawless from each and every side. I can’t ignore what my instincts are telling me. There must be more than meets the eye. There must be something they're trying to hide. What exactly are they digging for here? Yes it seems like a sinister mine. A dark agenda hidden in plain sight. I have to go and find what it's all about. Mark my words: I'll find you out. Expose you all without a doubt. There’s just no way that it could be this perfect.

It sure seems like an evil mine. A dark agenda hidden in plain sight. Read my lips oh I will smoke you out. I have to get on the inside. Discover the truth and bring it to light. My Instincts are right about what they're telling me. Mark my words: I'll find you out. Expose you all without a doubt. There’s just no way that it could be this perfect. There must be more than meets the eye. Something wrong deep inside. Of this I’m more sure than I’ve ever been.

Hello there, my friend. It’s been a while. Are you doing well? Have you gone and lived your life free of strife? Tell me all you’ve been through.

Sounds like you’ve been stressed. Overworked and slightly regressed. But it’s okay. It’s just a phase. There’s better days coming up for you my friend. Trust me you’ll get through this.

Try to not obsess. Don’t be afraid to let yourself progress. Though if you must Inspect that mine, be aware that this could spell the end of your road to recovery.

Are you seeing these energy readings? This could be our one chance to set things straight.
Track Name: Into the Shadows
I. Overture

II. The Matriarch
Light shines once again. I must have reached the other side. The shadows have subsided. Floating in space no longer held back by flesh, I can control the fate of all.

Life, death, in my hands. Universe at my command. Power beyond my control. All…

All the stars are flying by. Time and space are my backyard. Every single little place fits my cosmic scope of sight. All these wonders fill my eyes. All these mysteries known to me. The fate of the universe hangs in balance with my life.

Life, death, in my hands. Universe at my command. Power beyond my control. All life is part of me. I complete the recipe. All can see my glory. All...

Prophetess of earth, time to end this war. Erase the rebels from existence.

III. World Anthem
We stand in arms with soldiers might, alert steadfast and true! All our people smiling, one united front. Our war won, our nation one; but who is fit to lead her? We will trust the Matriarch, our strong and glorious leader!

IV. War!
State: Surrender!

Rebels: War!!! A bloody civil war to bring her highness to the floor. Get out there show them what we have in store. What we’ve been fighting for. Oh we must kill them all!!!!

State: Man in pain, blood will rain. Rebels fall, heed the call. You can't win. You have lost. Pay the cost and stop this war now. We will win, of that we are sure.

Rebels: We won't stop we'll end this vile war. Step down now for we will win of that we are sure.

Four: The four of us, battered and bruised rebel alum. We fought, we tried, but now we know too much. It’s time to go. What will happen, we can’t know. Somewhere else, we must find. It’s time to leave this earth behind.

Space! We must escape. Space! Run from this place. The world will blow up. Space! We must make haste.

The day is drawing nearer, our vision growing clearer. The ship is on its way now to completion. We don’t have much time now. Her highness won’t allow her people to escape her clutches. She’ll be coming soon.

The day has arrived. Now it’s time to fly. Freedom from the hive. Head towards the light. Time is running out. Soldiers all about. Whisper please don’t shout. Now’s no time for doubt.

State: They’re getting away. Come men, seize the day. Keep their ship at bay. Dive into the fray. We must make them stay. We cannot let them fly into the shadows.

V. Hypersleep

VI. Vicious Circle

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